LIVIN for a Cause



OUR STORY: LIVIN for a Cause was created to fuel my mission of making a difference through charity work and fundraising. It is my purpose to give back and impact lives less fortunate through raising awareness and funding change. March 14, 2014 marks the day my life would change forever. My brother Jonathan G Wiseman lost his battle to Fanconi Anemia (FA), a rare but serious blood disease affecting about 1 in 131,000 people. FA leads to a high risk of cancers with an early life expectancy. Jonathan was always a fighter, battling more than just cancer. Throughout his life, he overcame obstacles most could not fathom. His strength, courage & bravery always persevered over the hand life dealt him. He demonstrated true purpose and used his magnetic personality to spread laughter and love to everyone he met. The lessons he instilled in me guide me on my journey everyday, influencing me to play full out with gratitude and kindness.


Featured Artwork Collection: I will be donating the entire proceeds from every print sold in this collection to my 2024 Dana Farber Marathon Challenge fundraising goal, supporting our mission of crossing the ultimate finish line: A world without cancer. (SHOP Collection Below...)

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