The Story Behind LIVIN


LIVIN started as a simple expression back in college. Whenever we found ourselves embracing the moment, laughing, creating memories & being our authentic selves... we were "LIVIN". It eventually became clear that this was not just an expression, but a way of life or a state of mind. LIVIN is making the most out of every opportunity without a care for what obstacles may be in the way. It's a refusal to fail and live like the ordinary, destroying standards people have set for you whether its work, school, sports, love or just life in general. Everybody has his or her own idea of what LIVIN means to them, but collectively we share the same concept: It's doing the things you love with the ones you love- with an optimistic attitude. The positive feelings behind the motto were not only magnetic but universal. 


LIVIN Art Studio: The essence of the LIVIN lifestyle influences and guides the direction of my mixed media artwork. I fell in love with the freedom of the craft. Applying multiple materials can enhance a subject or even convey a certain nostalgic feeling or memory in a composition. Traveling, the outdoors, music and optimism are a few common themes you will find throughout my work. I love working with original photography, maps, jeans, colored floss, rope and memorabilia from my travels. 

My goal has always been to paint a visual story that shapes a conversation. One that you can experience and has the ability to make a difference, interact with it's viewers and lift up the human spirit. Like music, ART is a universal language that connects everyone. It is felt not spoken. All products are created, packaged & shipped from the LIVIN Art studio located in Boston, Massachusetts. 


LIVIN Philosophy: "Do the things you love and do them often. If you don’t like something, change it. Open your mind and heart to new people and experiences. Life is simple, so don’t over analyze. Find the good in every situation. Travel often. Getting lost will help you discover yourself.  Life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them. Seize all of life’s moments and enjoy every last breath. Life is short. All we have is time, so spend it wisely and appreciate what you have. Wear your passion. Take chances and make a difference. Enjoy the little things. Be optimistic and create a life worth LIVIN." ©

-Jeremy Wiseman